History of

Koso Tsutsui, the founder of the restaurant, was born in the town of Ono in Fukui prefecture on May 8, 1912. His grandfather, Rihei Tsutsui, was a traditional indigo dyer. When business started to decline due to advances in chemical dyes, he opened an upscale, traditional restaurant called Konri-tei.

Koso went to Tokyo and worked as an apprentice at Ginza Suehiro. He became independent in 1950, opening a restaurant in Kayabacho-Shinkawa, which he later moved to Akasaka in 1955. Ever since then, his brilliant ideas have become the foundation of Japanese Western-style cuisine.

Because we believe that the pleasures of the table come from being able to enjoy food and that meals should not be a source of apprehension, we have developed Japan's Western-style cuisine which can be eaten with chopsticks.


Japanese Western-style Cuisine

Akasaka Tsutsui is a Japanese Western-style restaurant located 6 minutes on foot from Akasaka Station on the Tokyo Metoro. The restaurant has been serving delicious Western-style food since its founding in 1950. The famous beefsteak bowl created by the restaurant's founder, Koso Tsutsui, is a perennial favorite and continues to evolve and reach even greater heights of flavor.

The restaurant consists of two floors, one at ground level and one below. The ground floor houses the main dining area and private dining rooms, whereas the basement floor consists solely of private dining rooms. Enjoy your meal in a luxurious atmosphere overlooking the waterfall in the garden.

We invite you to savor our Western-style cuisine suited to the Japanese palate.

Akasaka's famous Beefsteak Bowl

Many connoisseurs of Western cuisine have fallen in love with our Beefsteak Bowl. Premium Japanese Black sirloin is marinated in a blend of tamari soy sauce, mirin, and sugar, then excess fat is drawn out over the grill. The result is our pride and joy— meat that is tender and moist, with the sweetness of the marinade blending with melting butter and black pepper.

Lunch Menu

Daigo Set
¥4,550*Price including tax.

Menu information

  • Appetizer
  • 9 types of hors d'oeuvres
  • House-made dessert
  • Akasaka famous beefsteak bowl (mini)
  • Red miso soup, House
  • made pickles

A la carte

Hamburg Steak
Hamburg Steak
(Your choice of sauce: Japanese style, tomato, or demi-glace)

Plump and juicy Hamburg Steak is made from top grade A5 Japanese Black beef. Choose from three different sauces to suit your tastes.

Crab Cream Croquette

A crispy outer shell encloses a generous amount of snow crab and white sauce. Served with tomato sauce.

Crab Cream Croquette
Grilled pepper chicken from select, free-range chicken
Grilled pepper chicken from select, free-range chicken

Enjoy the natural sweetness and umami of domestically raised chicken specially selected to be the most delicious of the day.

※Price including tax.

Dinner Menu

Enjoy the Japanese atmosphere of the spacious setting.
◆Akasaka Gozen◆

Menu information

  • Appetizer
  • Crab Cream Croquette
  • Deep fried shrimp
  • Teriyaki scallops
  • Beef stew
  • Ginger Beef (shogayaki)
  • Seasonal dish
  • Rice, red miso soup, pickles

Prices exclude tax.

Special occasion dining in the private rooms on the lower level.
◆Hinokizaka Course◆

Menu information

  • Appetizer
  • 2 appetizers
  • Seasonal sashimi
  • Fried platter
  • Marseille stew (mini)
  • Salad
  • Meat dish
    [Choose from Akasaka famous beefsteak bowl, beef stew, tongue stew, or ginger beef (all mini sized).]
  • Rice, red miso soup, pickles
  • House-made dessert

A la carte

Omurice (omelette rice)

Omurice (omelette rice) served by a Western cuisine restaurant, reminiscent of the past. Three eggs are used, and homemade tomato ketchup sauce is poured on the smooth surface. The ingredients that are cut slightly larger and the unique ketchup rice provide for an enjoyable texture.

Beef fillet cutlet
100g ¥6,600
150g ¥9,900
180g ¥11,800

Thick-cut beef loin has a crispy batter but stays rare in the center. The more you chew, the more the flavor of the meat comes out in this extravagant dish.

Fish of the Day

The freshest fish of the season, cooked according to the best methods for that particular fish. Select a method to suit your tastes, such as salt-grilling or sauté.

※Price including tax.



Jikon Tokubetsu Junmai (Mie) Tokkuri (sake flask) ¥2,090
Glass ¥1,430
Kokuryu Tokusen Ginjo (Fukui) Tokkuri (sake flask) ¥1,870
Glass ¥1,270
Hiroki Junmai Daiginjo (Fukushima) Tokkuri (sake flask) ¥1,980
Glass ¥1,380
Sharaku Junmai Ginjo (Fukushima) Tokkuri (sake flask) ¥1,430
Glass  ¥940
Kamoshibito Kuheiji
Junmai Daiginjo (Aichi)
Tokkuri (sake flask ¥1,490
Glass  ¥990



Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial 750ml ¥13,860
375ml  ¥8,900

White wine

Vin de Pays du Var (Vermentino) 750ml ¥5,830
Chablis Domaine de Pisse Loup (Chardonnay) 750ml ¥7,480
Puligny-Montrachet 750ml ¥17,800

Red wine

Sirius (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon) 750ml ¥4,900
Au Bon Climat “Tsubaki Label” (Pinot Noir) 750ml ¥7,480


Onoya (Wheat) Bottle ¥5,760
glass  ¥720
Sato (Wheat) Bottle ¥6,640
glass  ¥830
Kawagoe (Potato) Bottle ¥6,160
glass  ¥770
Sato Black (Potato) Bottle ¥10,160
glass ¥1,270
Ganbou Taru Kichi 40% (Rice) Bottle ¥8,400
glass ¥1,050



Suntory Master's Dream (draft) Small glass ¥610 / ¥770
Ebisu (medium bottle) ¥770
Asahi Super Dry (medium bottle) ¥770
Suntory Premium Malts (small bottle) ¥610
Kirin Lager (small bottle) ¥610
Kirin Free (no alcohol beer) ¥550
Suntory All Free ¥550
Sapporo Free ¥550


Cassis and soda ¥770
Fuzzy Navel ¥770


Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony ¥1,050/bottle ¥19,800
The Macallan Single Malt Whisky (12 years) ¥1,300
Wild Turkey (8 years) ¥550/bottle ¥11,000


Aragoshi Plum ¥610
Aragoshi Peach ¥610

※Price including tax.


There are private dining rooms on both the ground floor and the lower level.

【Notes on private dining rooms】
・Children can only use it during the daytime on weekdays.
・If you use dinner on weekdays, you will be charged a private room charge (10% basement and 5% on the 1st floor) in addition to the 10% service charge.

Lower level


For 2 to 6 persons.
Kotatsu table with a sunken area underneath for legs.


Dining tables in Japanese style room.
For 2 persons onwards.


For 4 to 10 persons.
These serene private dining rooms have sunken kotatsu tables.


For 6 to 10 persons.
Garden-facing room with an open and spacious atmosphere.


For 8 to 14 persons.
Only available with order of Nambuzaka course or above.



Tables for 2 persons onwards.
Large and open space.